Here at ETM it is our goal to better ourselves in order to better serve our students.

Good hockey players are built on the ice and in the gym.

Great hockey players are built at home and in the community.

It is our opportunity to teach and to learn, to achieve and to exceed, to fail and to grow, to develop and to prosper.

We expect open, honest communication between athletes, parents, and coaches.

Our job does not stop at the end of a lesson or camp.

Coach Nick and Coach Sebastian are here to help anytime you need help on anything.

From homework to the last goal you gave up at a game on the road, feel free to reach out and start a conversation about it.

We will be more than happy to assist you in any way.

We are here to develop people, not just players.

We want to develop a goaltending family.

Anybody can teach skills, not everybody can teach what it takes to perform at the highest levels.

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